Other Products 

Other Products

  • In lace or in microfiber, sexy or briefs, discover our selection of bodies always more comfortable and ultra feminine.

  • In warm clothes wool and silk are also ready to wear. Mixture of wool and 100% silk or so, our tops offer both softness and lightness in prestigious all-natural materials.

  • Discover the universe of hose and panty hoses.

  • Our sheathing and slimming products can refine your figure and remove small unsightly bulges. We love these invisible under clothes without seams that blur the stomach and wasting 2 cm to your silhouette. The shapewear sets necessary to feel beautiful and fine.

  • Inspired by the 60s, this decidedly retro look has been given to date by the creators. Discover our baby dolls sets lace or silk for an ultra sexy and french style.

  • Lethal weapon of seduction, is the beautiful lingerie corset piece. It sublimates your body and will shape your silhouette. Discover our selection of corsets, bustiers and corsets for weddings.