Briefs and Panties 

Briefs and Panties

  • Briefs and high panties appear as the ideal combination of comfort and seduction. High panties cover the buttocks and lower abdomen, panties shapely forms and provides comfort and support. It is adorned with lace and embroidery for more charm.

  • Strings and thongs in lace or microfibre slip invisibly under light clothing. The string leaves the almost bare buttock, while the thong hides in part.

  • The shorties or boxers adopt attractive and feminine forms. Covering more than panties, boxer stops under the buttocks while shorty offers a shorter and sexy cut. With a second skin, they adapt to any shape still in fine materials such as silk or lace.

  • Shorts and panties sculpt the silhouette and smooth curves. The panties slip under the pants curves perfectly highlighted. High panties erase the belly and make a wasp waist effect.

  • Our invisible underwear will provide you with complete discretion in a slinky dress or fitted jeans. They fit perfectly to the shape of your body without any lines, and unparalleled comfort.