How to choose lingerie and swimwear to suit your body type

With all that is on offer, sometimes choosing lingerie or swimwear can look like a Chinese puzzle!
Follow our guide to find the most flattering styles to suit your body type which can help hide your little flaws and accentuate your assets.

Tips bybody type :

A silhouette in A

You have narrow shoulders, a tiny chest, a fine bust but round hips and buttocks.
Tip :  accentuate your bust and refine your legs.

Even with small breasts , you can wear still sexy lingerie, triangle bras with spaghetti straps and all-laced and even "bandeaux" shapes which show more cleavage. To cheat a little,  opt for push up shapes or ampli-forms which give emphasis to your bust and draw the chest toward the middle for a great cleavage.

To hide wide hips a little , wear a shorty cut, rather low rise, not to define the waist and highlight the hips. Also avoid horizontal lines.

One piece swimsuits are ideal because of their ability to increase the width of your shoulders and thus to harmonize your figure.

For a two piece swimsuit  choose a “coqué” or padded bra to enhance your breasts. As for colours, choose dark bottoms, which gives the impression of reducing the width of your hips and light colors for the top, to round the bust.