How to choose lingerie and swimwear to suit your body type

With all that is on offer, sometimes choosing lingerie or swimwear can look like a Chinese puzzle! 
Follow our guide to find the most flattering styles to suit your body type which can help hide your little flaws and accentuate your assets.

Tips bybody type :

A silhouette in V

You have a sporty look, with wide shoulders, hips and buttocks rather narrow???. Your curves are located on the upper body.
Tip: Enhance your bust and hips opt for sophisticated cuts to flatter your figure.

To enhance your bust choose V necklines that reduce the width of your shoulders or underwire bras to accentuate.
For larger bust sizes over a cup E, underwire and spanning bras give a perfect fit to your chest and a level of comfort.
For a cup size up to E, choose a half cup or balconette style bra. 

One can choose almost any style of panties when you have tiny hips, but G-Strings to enhance a thin silhouette do offer  some more roundness. Try bows and frills which give volume to your hips.

Avoid one piece swimsuits that would highlight your shoulders. 

However, if you really want to wear one and hide a tummy , opt for a one-piece swimsuit with a feminine plunging neckline and avoid sports cuts.
For a two-piece swimsuit , choose a deep-plunge bra, such as a triangle shape or strengthened bandeaux  for generous breasts, coordinated with patterned bottoms or ruffles that give volume to your hips and therefore balance your silhouette.