How to choose lingerie and swimwear to suit your body type

With all that is on offer, sometimes choosing lingerie or swimwear can look like a Chinese puzzle! 
Follow our guide to find the most flattering styles to suit your body type which can help hide your little flaws and accentuate your assets.

A silhouette in O

The O silhouette is proportionate throughout the body. Your curves are located at your bust and belly . Your waist is not defined but you have a generous chest.
Tip : Minimize your belly and highlight your chest.

Highlight your beautiful breasts with balconette bras for example. If your chest is a little too generous to your taste, then " minimizers " are made for you as they will allow to better distribute the volume of the chest and help create a pretty silhouette.  Result : 2-3 cm minimized in chest circumference and a perfectly balanced silhouette.
For localized fat on the belly , define your waist and camouflage your tummy with high-waisted or sheathing briefs that redraw the hips, define the waist , camouflage unsightly bulges and inelegant elastic marks. One should avoid low rise briefs that could create a bulge effect.

Enhance your chest with Push up or V necklines and choose a one piece model that will reshape the silhouette.
For a two-piece swimsuit , choose a bra that will enhance your chest and give enough support, for example triangles or strengthened bandeaux  styles and enveloping high-waisted brief which will emphasize your waist. Dark, solid colors are preferred.