How to choose lingerie and swimwear to suit your body type

With all that is on offer, sometimes choosing lingerie or swimwear can look like a Chinese puzzle! 
Follow our guide to find the most flattering styles to suit your body type which can help hide your little flaws and accentuate your assets.

Tips bybody type :

A silhouette in X

Considered as the perfect silhouette, silhouette X is harmonious with the hips and shoulders aligned and the forms where it is necessary: ​​the bust and bottom. 
Tip : You can wear almost any style you want!

Play with this advantage by trying different styles. 
For the lower body, you can  wear G-strings, pantyies, shorty, tanga 

If you have a generous bust, opt for balconettes that will enhance your bust and support it perfectly. 
If you want to give the impression of longer legs, choose a high-cut bottom, as boy leg shorts or too enveloping panties will tend to shrink your legs and shorten your silhouette.